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I love hearing from everyone out there…If you have any questions or comments, please email me at dailymealsjen (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for reading!


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  1. AlexFriedman / Feb 24 2011

    This is a very handsome site! It is so
    simple and fresh, looking not to mention all the good recipes.
    I am always looking for new ideas so I will check often..

    Take care, ♥


    • Jen W / Feb 24 2011

      So glad you like it, thanks Alex!

  2. AlexFriedman / Apr 25 2011

    You are so special! I feel honored to be published here!
    You have an amazing site. I love the photographs.
    How do you have time to do it all?
    Let us know when you are back in SF. –Especially if you want to come back and cook at Thanksgiving! Alex

  3. AlexFriedman / Apr 25 2011

    I meant to add that you posted it on a a very significant day! Alex

  4. Kat / May 6 2011

    i love the new tree on your site. Its so pretty and fresh looking.

    • JW / May 6 2011

      Thanks Kat:) Miss you!

  5. angela / Jun 9 2011

    just found your website and it is fantastic! definitely putting this on my food blog favorites.

    • JW / Jun 9 2011

      Thanks Angela! Glad you like it:)

  6. Anne / Aug 8 2013

    What happened?
    I just found your website and love it.
    But you stopped after 2011.
    Thanks for your recipes!!


    • JW / Aug 8 2013

      Thanks Anne! I moved back to the states so Im just working on getting the blog going again. Glad you like it:)

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