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Welcome to Daily Meals! Here you’ll find my personal collection of family favourite recipes, along with new creations as well. I’m an expat living in Sydney, cooking up a storm in my attempt to save time, money, and sanity. I cook everything in my 2 square meter kitchen in Sydney…if I can do it, so can you!

I’ve always loved food and cooking,and I thought it was time for other people to share in my enjoymentbaby pic

I believe in knowing where your food comes from, and eating what’s in season as often as possible. My partner in crime (Craigy) comes from a working cattle farm in rural NSW, and my time on the farm has taught me to appreciate our natural resources now more than ever.



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  1. Mom / May 8 2011

    Your writing continues to amaze and entertain me. As you well know I hate cooking but you make me want to try some of this stuff.

    It continues to be a wonder to me that I have such a talented and beautiful daughter.

    Love You…..Mom

    • JW / May 8 2011

      Thanks mom!! Happy mothers day:)

  2. Dad / Jul 27 2011

    Just got around to reading your comments about the farm and your adventures there. Really fun and entertaining. Of course, I’m not at ALL surprised that we have a lovely and talented daughter. Just consider the source!!!

    Luv Ya


    • JW / Jul 27 2011

      Thanks Dad!!

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