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Aug 15 / JW

Radish Crostini with Butter and Sea Salt


The idea of eating a radish as something other than a throw away salad garnish was definitely a bit foreign to me(and I think a lot of other people), until I learned about this: in France, they serve radishes with some soft butter and salt, sometimes on a baguette, at the beginning of the meal like an appetizer(entree). I never actually saw this when I was in France. Perhaps I was too busy stealing hard bread rolls and mustard packets from the hostels I stayed in to bother with the nuances of bistro dining. I’ll have to rethink that next time I’m over there.

So, of course I was intrigued by this, but after I tried it, it was a definite lightbulb moment! The crispness and sharp bite of the radish is perfectly mellowed by the creamy butter…its amazing actually, its something I would have never ever thought of in a million years, but radish and butter are best friends, seriously!

So, if you are a bit nervous about getting in there and actually just eating a radish with butter on it, then definitely take some freshly baked bread, spread some butter on it, and then top it with the thinly sliced radishes.  You won’t be sorry! And now you can tell all your friends, well this is what they do in Frahhhnce Dahhhling.

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