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Jul 24 / JW

Goat Cheese Gnudi: A Dinner Idea


This is more of an idea for you than a recipe, simply because I was using leftover ravioli filling and I dont have exact amounts, but this turned out to be f-ing amazing, so I thought I’d share.

Gnudi is the cheesy cousin of gnocchi, the italian potato dumplings. It is basically ricotta(although I used goat cheese), egg, and flour. Form it into a loose dough, roll into a log, chill, and then cut them into bit size peices. Add to some gently boiling water and cook until they are floating, about 3-4 minutes. They may come apart a bit but just make sure your water isnt boiling too hard, and you should be fine.

I added my gnudi to some leftover bolognese sauce, toasted pinenuts, some baby cress, and grated parmesan. You could also take the cooked gnudi and saute in some butter and herbs for a lighter flavour.

The guidelines I would use are 1 egg, 1/4 flour per 150g of cheese. Make sure you have a dry goat cheese or ricotta(you may need to drain ricotta for about 30 minutes. If the mixture seems too loose, don’t be afraid to just add more flour.

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