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May 1 / JW

Sourdough Starter: Day 1

I’ve been getting into bread making a little, mostly just my standard no knead recipe, but I want to try making sourdough, and you need a starter culture for that. You can buy any number of them online, but Craigy said all you really have to do is chuck some water and flour together in a jar, and the WILD yeast will come on in and join the party, so obviously I thought why the hell not.

I then read some info about it and learned that you should have specific measurements and all that, which I definitely didnt do, but if you are interested, its something like this:

To start:

  • 50g water
  • 35g white flour
  • 15g rye flour

Everyday, you should take out most of the starter and add in the above amount, and stir with a clean spoon, then on day 4, do this:

add 100g water, 70g white flour, 30g rye flour

and stir. I am using a mix of white and whole meal flours(not rye), and I’ve been leaving it on the counter, loosely covered. SO, here it is on day one:

Beautiful, I know. Not much happening yet, but hopefully we’ll get some yeasty goodness going on soon.


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  1. Anna Browning / May 2 2011

    Don’t worry about the precise measurements – I’m sure they speed up the process but if you keep it warm and feed it every 12 hours, in 7-10 days you WILL have a starter. The longer you keep it going, the better it will be. Good luck with it – I LOVE making sourdough bread! I have started passing my starter round to my friends.

    • JW / May 2 2011

      Thanks Anna! There may be hope for me afterall!

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