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May 7 / JW

Roasted Celeriac with Seasoned Salt


Celeriac is back in season, woohoo! These motly looking things are actually really good and not as scary as you would think. Celeriac, or celery root, has a mild flavour with just a hint of celery. Its also very low starch, and has lots of fiber and vitamin B6.

Most recipes you’ll find say to turn this into a puree, which is delicious, BUT I wanted to mix it up and see what would happen. It’s a root vegetable, so I thought why not roast the sucker?! So I did. And it turned out great. Also I added my special proprietary salt blend which reminds me of Red Robin seasoned salt which is the best thing ever as you know(if you live in the US).

Be careful though, celeriac naturally contains sodium, so you just need a pinch to season at the end.

So, simply cut of all the gnarly outside parts, then cut into wedges.

Add a bit of olive oil and roast on 200C for about 30 minutes or until the edges just start to brown.

Remove and sprinkle with your seasoned salt. The blend I made has the following: Sea salt, celery salt, paprika, cumin, and pepper.

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