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May 3 / JW

The Chocolate Easter Bilby: A lesson in Australian Wildlife

When I first came to Australia and Easter came around, I got quite a shock. People do not colour easter eggs, but they do have like 2 extra holidays that we don’t get overseas. They also east shitloads of chocolate.  Hooray! Also, something I wasn’t prepared for was this:

The Chocolate Easter Bilby

My inital reaction went something like this:

Its a chocolate easter bunny! Thanks! Wait a sec, this doesnt quite look like a bunny…I think they messed this one up, can I get another one?!

Its a what???

A Bilby?? Are you sure? I dont think thats an animal, haha, umm OK.

So, it turns out a Bilby is a real animal, not to be confused with any of these other Australian wonders:




kangaroo rat



Now the next time you visit Australia during Easter, you will be fully prepared when someone hands you a Bilby.

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