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May 15 / JW

Caramelized Leek Tarts


Yet another recipe using wonton skins…you’re excited I know! Why so many lately? Well unless you are making food for a party, or you have a family of 12, you will most likely have a lot of wonton skins leftover when you make potstickers, ravioli, or whatever else. But fyi, they do freeze well in a ziploc, so if you aren’t feeling inspired to use up all your wonton skins at once, there’s still hope for you:)

So, these are a yummy little snack/canape thats really easy, you’ll love them.

First, carefully slice leeks into rounds, and place in a medium hot pan. Sprinkle with a bit of sugar and some salt. Cook until caramelized, carefully turning over to the other side a few times during cooking.


Next, place wonton skins into a mini muffin tin or mini silicone tray. Add ricotta herb mixture to each one.

Carefully add one leek to each one as well. Brush the edges of the wonton with some melted butter, then add some toasted pinenuts and parmesan. Bake on 170 for about 30 minutes or until the edges of the wonton are golden and crispy.

Voila! A masterpeice! You could also just as easily make these with pastry if thats what you have one hand. Enjoy:)

Here’s The Recipe:

Caramelised Leek Tarts


  • 250g Ricotta
  • 2-3Tbl Herbs(basil, thyme, parsley etc), chopped
  • 2Tbl Grated parmesan cheese
  • 1Tbl Toasted Pinenuts
  • 2-3 Leeks
  • 20 Wonton Skins, or equivalent pastry dough
  • 1Tbl Melted organic butter

Cooking Directions

  1. Mix Ricotta, herbs and salt and pepper.
  2. Slice leeks into 3/4 inch rounds. Add to pan with some olive oil, sugar and salt.
  3. Cook until golden and soft, turning occasionally with care as to not break them up.
  4. Place wonton skins into muffin tins, and add a small amount of ricotta mixture.
  5. When leeks are done add one to each tart. Add a few pinenuts on each one.
  6. Brush edges with melted butter. Sprinkle parmesan over the top.
  7. Bake on about 170C for 25-35 minutes or until golden.

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