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Apr 29 / JW

Sweet Corn with Chili Lime Butter


Here’s a yummy way to spice up boring old corn on the cob. Just take room temperature butter, and mix with mexican chili powder(or any medium chili powder), lime juice and stir to combine.

Next, roll it up in some plastic wrap, so you have a little log of butter. Officially Called compound butter, this is a way to add tons of flavour to your dishes.

Making compound butter can work for a variety of things really(think herb butter on a grilled steak), so it’s a good trick for sprucing things up a bit.
Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight, then when you are ready to eat, just slice a little round and place on your cooked corn.



Here’s the Recipe:

2 Tbl Unsalted Butter

1Tbl Chili Powder

Juice of 1/2 lime




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