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Mar 4 / JW

Zucchini Pappardelle


Zucchini is really versatile and lends itself to many flavour combos. This is why it makes a great substitute for pasta here. Its good if you are just looking for something a bit lighter than usual…its also a good one for the kiddos, assuming they can weild a vegetable peeler without stabbing someone in the eye. Here’s what you do:

cut off the bottom so you have a flat surface, then hold at an angle and carefully peel long strips until you get down to the seeds (don’t throw this away, you can cut it up and use in stir fry or something later)

Then either place in boiling water, or put into a bowl, turn on your kettle, and pour hot water over the noodles. Let sit for about a minute, then carefully strain. Make sure you get all the water out as you don’t want to have watery pasta! Now, I slacked on the pictures here, but add your favourite pasta sauce, pesto, or just some parmesan and butter and that’s it. Yummy pappardelle with no carb guilt, gotta love that.


2 zucchini per person(1 for kids)

hot water

pasta sauce

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