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Mar 3 / JW

Smoked Trout Salad with Fennel and Orange


Fennel and smoked trout can both be quite intimidating, but don’t think that you have to be some fancy pants to use these ingredients. Fennel is delicious cooked or raw and has just a slightly sweet anise flavour. Smoked trout is not only good for you and sustainable, but it can be a good alternative for those salmon haters out there(and I know you’re out there!). I love salmon, but sometimes its just overpowering, and trout has a much more mellow flavour.
First cut the end green bits off the fennel, but dont throw away yet! Then slice the very bottom end off, and slice the rest in half, so it looks like this
Then slice as thinly as possible. You could also do this on a mandoline, but I do not own one so I’m doing it the hard way. Then, take your orange(grapefruit works awesome here too!) and cut out the segments. If you aren’t sure how, see here. When done, squeeze the guts out of the orange to get the juice out. Add Olive Oil to the juice, along with salt and pepper and whisk to combine. Pour over fennel and citrus mixture.

For the trout, carefully remove the meat and tear into chunks, careful to take out any bones that you see. This isn’t as hard as it sounds…see below(Not the prettiest picture! I know, you will think its eyes are staring at you, but you have to get past it).

So, all you do, is lift the skin off of one side, then carefully remove the meat, as you can see here, it should come away and leave the ribcage(do fish have ribs?) behind. This is always easier on one side, so the first side you might find yourself picking out a few bones, but when you turn it over, you’ll have an easier time.

As a side note, you may be able to find this packaged in fillets in some places, in which case you dont have to do any of the above! And whoever does find such a thing, can you send me some? Thanks.

This salad only needs about half the fish, (depending on how many people you are serving of course) its probably about 1/4 fish per person. So if you have any left over and you arent sure when you’ll use it, just put it in a jar or tupperware with some Olive Oil and it will keep nicely (can you tell I hate wasting food!).

Now add your beautiful peices of fish to the fennel and orange mixture, and gently mix. Taste, and adjust the seasonings if needed.  Finally, take the little wispy things(fennel fronds) you see at the top of the fennel, (the part you cut off at the beginning), gently remove and add to the top…gorgeous!


1 smoked trout, or 2 large fillets

1 fennel bulb

1 orange or pink grapefruit

Approx 1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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