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Mar 4 / JW

Rasberry Watermelon Granita


This dessert is heaven,  especially when it’s 40°C out and you’ve been standing under a cold shower and eating ice cubes for 6 hours to try and cool down. Maybe only I do that…. But anyway, a granita is perfect for hot days, and of course it’s super easy.

The normal process for a granita is to make a simple syrup, then chuck some fruit in a blender with the syrup. We are partially doing that, but simplifying even more.   Enter Charlie’s Rasberry Lemonade, and Watermelon…


This lemonade(or any juice you like) is a good shortcut because you can skip the step of making a simple syrup, and we’re adding watermelon, well, because I like it. All you do is take 2 cups of Lemonade(basically this whole bottle) and cut up the watermelon into chunks and throw it all into a blender.

Blend. Then strain it to get any seeds and other gunk out.

It will look like this. Make sure your pretty pink conconction is in a shallow, freezer safe dish, then cover and stick into freezer. After one hour, take out and scrape any ice with a fork. Repeat this every 1-2 hours maybe 3-4 times. This probably depends on your freezer, but you get the idea. Mine took awhile since I kept opening my freezer to get ice cubes…Basically you just want to scrape the ice so it starts to form small crystals. Heres what mine looked like after maybe 4 hours

yummm, i know. When you can’t stand waiting any more, scoop into glasses and enjoy! I also added a squirt of lime juice at the end. Ta da!



2 Cups Rasberry Lemonade

1/4 of a watermelon

Lime zest to garnish

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