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Mar 11 / JW

Beef Stock

Beef Stock. It’s not all that glamorous, but it’s worth it. Stock does take some time and effort, but honestly, just like most things, its so much better when you actually know whats going into your food. And you can freeze your stock into ice cubes, which is my fav part! Let’s do this.

First, take your stock bones(you can find these, usually called “soup bones” in the market, or ask your butcher), onion, and carrot and add to a roasting pan. cover with olive oil, and ground pepper. Roast on 180C for about 25 minutes or until they are nice and brown.

 Then, dump all that stuff into a humungous stock pot, which I assume you have or you shouldn’t be attempting this recipe, Silly. Cover the lot with cold water (about an inch over the bones). Then add the celery, peppercorn, garlic(not pictured) bay leaves(please use better looking ones than this), and parsley:

Then, bring up to a boil, then turn down to low, and cover(but not fully, leave a little crack in it!). Now, important not, do not stir this magic concoction, just don’t. The technical way of saying it is that it will mix up all the goodness and make it murky and yucky. Here’s mine at the beginning:

You want it to be barely bubbling, not even simmering, and you can leave it for 4-20 hours(as if you have that kind of time!), but honestly I think mine went for like 5 hours and it turned out awesome, but the longer you cook it the more the flavours concentrate, so it’s up to you really. Notice the lack of salt as well. First, you don’t know exactly how concentrated your final product will be, so you could easily oversalt. Also, whatever you make from this stock, you will obviously be seasoning, so don’t be worried about the salt for now.

Next, strain everything through a fine strainer, and cheesecloth if you have some, but I have had a freakin hard time finding it. They definitely dont have it at Woolworths or Coles that I know of. But! You are in luck, you can use those blue and white disposable cleaning cloths(sorry I don’t have a picture or proper name for them) and they will work fine. With a strainer you get mostly everything but there is some residual stuff thats good to get rid of.

Ok, so you’ve strained it, now let it cool to room temp, then put in the fridge. Once its cold, there will be a layer of fat that comes to the top that you can just skim off, then you’re done! I freeze mine, some in tupperware and some in ice cubes, like this:

This makes it easy to add to dishes, just make sure its labeled, for obvious reasons!


 3kg Stock Bones

1 Medium brown onion, quartered

3 Large Carrots,cut into 3rds

3 Garlic cloves, skin on

1 Bunch celery tops

1 Handful of parsley, leaves and stems

10-15 peppercorns

2 bay leaves

Olive Oil

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