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Feb 18 / JW

Homemade Mayo

I used to thinking making mayonaise was impossible…literally. It never occured to me that you could actually make it at home, I just thought it was some magical thing you bought at the market. Plus I really never like it, it reminded me of slimey snot(yum)…BUT I had a personal revelation a few months ago when I decided what the heck, let me try this….

and WOWWEEE, I couldn’t beleive what it tasted like, it was like this lemony, tangy, creamy delight that I wanted to actually eat…on everything!

So, it might take a couple try’s but it is well worth making, plus if you’ve skipped the gym it can be a pretty good arm workout. Really

I usually use one egg yolk which will make about a cup of mayo, but if you are feeding more people, then obviously just start with more eggs. So, start with your egg yolk, about half of the vinegar and lemon juice, and a little salt. mix together, then barely drizzle in the oil of your choice(you can’t use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for some technical reason about proteins or something, but I’ve used light Olive Oil and its great). Seriously though, about one or 2 drops, and then whisk away! You are basically binding the oil and egg together so that they can never ever come apart. So whisk furiously for about a minute and the egg will gradually get lighter in color. Once you think they are sufficiently combined, start drizzling in more oil very very very slowly, whisking all the time. You will see something magical happen as it becomes mayo…Im serious, it is amazing(or maybe Im weird, hmm). However, if you start adding more oil and it just looks like oil and egg after whisking, then you’ll want to start from scratch, unfortunately you’ve made egg vinaigrette.

Assuming everything goes smoothly, add the rest of your lemon juice/vinegar and anything else you want(salt, pepper, herbs, garlic) whisk together, and thats it. Mayo.

1 egg yolk

About 1/2 cup of oil

1tsp white wine vinegar

2tsp lemon juice

pinch salt

pepper, parsley, garlic, roast garlic(optional)

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