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Feb 14 / JW

Hey! It’s Hay…

We took a trip to the farm this weekend just to get away from the city for a bit. On saturday, we decided to go “up the creek” to take some hay to a few  steers. Anytime we go “up the creek” I dont really know what it means or where we are going, but I know it will be far away. Craig’s dad runs a property that is like 15,000 acres or something ridiculous, so usually going anywhere means a good 20-60 minute drive. So we loaded the ute up with Hay and dogs..

and off we went. About 45 minutes later, we spotted 2 wild dogs running up the hill(thats like a coyote only with an australian accent). Of course Craig, being the ruthless hunter that he is, relished the opportunity to take one down to save the precious cattle. But unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, and we kept on going.

Soon, we came upon something that I never, ever thought I would see, being at least 2 hours from a paved road. This.

Of course I said, What the Heck?! Craig said that the guys that used to work that property had left it there as a lunch truck! Whatttt?!  Weird. Soo, onward to the steers! We finally got there and they were oh so happy for some hay. So was the horse, I gave him extra, but don’t tell anyone.

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